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Residential . . .

From a Residential perspective we,


offer art beyond any of the general mirrors that most other companies offer.

We have the artistic ability to transform any wall, corner, ceiling, bathroom, stair etc.,

into a magic memorabilia of crystalline reflection.

All the way from mirror coverings of beautiful furniture to beveled leaded glass that gives artistic impressions to anyone that will visit your home, we offer lasting work at very affordable rates.

Best visit our pictures gallery pages for that to you, pictures taken of completed work may give you a better understanding than any words. We do any conceivable mirroring walls and designs that can be required, all the way from Renaissance influences to Venetian classics, Tudor, and Byzantine concepts. We also can make custom designs that best fit your home's personality and space.

Please visit our entire web site so that you may see pictures of over 100 completed work sites. At a more simplistic level, we offer much lower rates on all the standard bathroom mirrors, shower enclosures and basic mirror and glass needs, such as Window replacement. Included in our low rates is materials, delivery to the work site, and installation.